Handloom in Asia is often seen as a luxury that is unglamorous and only meant for “certain” age group.  Facing threats of many cheaper loom fabrics available at a fraction of the cost, the handloom industry has risen up from the ashes, courtesy some eminent designers and exclusive fair-trade marketplaces. But it is you who holds the power to change the fate of this beautiful artisanal community. The handloom narrative of Indian Subcontinent is waiting for you to take charge since forever.  If you are looking for a reason to switch to the sustainable, fast and super cool handloom fabrics, we have five!

Because #CottonisCool

If your skin could speak, it would thank you for choosing handloom clothes! Clothes that are procured in mills are treated with more than 2,000 chemicals.  A natural fabric uses organic and skin-friendly threads, colour, and is completely devoid of any chemical. When you wear natural fabrics like cotton, linen and skin – your skin feels light and relaxed.  This is why you don’t see tags like water-repellant, stain-repellant, wrinkle-free, sweat-proof and other such tags associated with a handloom fabric. Cotton and linen, and to some extent, silk would have creases over the day. Cotton and linen are sweat-absorbent fabric and let your skin breathe. They don’t obstruct the natural function of your body’s largest organ- to flush out toxins through pores.

Because you promote their growth

When you choose a handloom fabric over a loom product, you are saving the livelihood of the skilled craftsman and artists that know nothing but this magical art. With each purchase, you contribute to the handloom narrative and do your bit for handloom of Asia region.  When you buy a Kanjivaram saree of a jamdani one, which takes more than a month to weave, you are also recognising their skills and understanding the efforts they have put in for you.

Because it is good for the environment

You will be surprised to learn that fashion is the second most polluting industry. Handloom fabrics have been around for years and it is the game changer the world needs right now. Ditch your faux leather, polyester and synthetic fabrics for handloom cotton, linen and silk because if you do stop using them, they won’t add in a landfill or end up in the ocean or in a turtle’s stomach. They degenerate easily and go back to the soil.

Because it has got swag

How many times have you spotted a dress just like you in a public event? Every fashion store in a city has a somewhat similar collection that exorbitantly priced. The best thing about rocking a handloom is no one fabric is alike.  Each hand is different and exceptional at work and this is how you get the guarantee of exclusivity. You feel at ease, your skin can breathe easily and you stand out-what else do you need?

The weavers don’t have the means to do aggressive marketing and put a premium value to their brand. But one thing that they can assure you of is luxury that is within your reach, fabrics that are eco-friendly and are good for your body. So, next time when you feel like upping your style game, embark on a shopping spree of handloom fabrics to experience the good!