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We are a nonprofit organization deal in customer ratings & buying experiences for any handloom store on which customer should trust to Purchase the genuine handloom products.

Weaving a Tale of Magic and Struggle in the Cyberspace

The ethical and fair-trade practice of Handlooms Authority creates an ethnic clothing space that brings the weaving community many steps closer to the fringe customers, especially those who don’t quite understand the quality and sustainability of a handloom fabric. An entire generation – accustomed to synthetic fabrics such as rayon, spandex, nylon, modal, polyester and modal, is completely unaware of the impact of these on the environment while being oblivious to the elegance and nuance of pure silk, cotton or linen.

Handlooms.Asia brings the Asian traditional handlooms to the fore. A handloom, because not only it represents India culturally on the global map but because besides the weaving, it is in serious need of makeover also. Gone are the days that a handloom fabric was a signature attire of authors, activists, and politicians. Handloom has been a way of life in India, China, Thailand, Malaysia and its an integral part of the lifestyle. As the new-age women expand their horizon, their tryst with handloom threads isn’t just limited to festivals.  It has redefined itself as the new-age workwear and filled the sartorial gap between the need for traditional vivaciousness and the monotonous monochromes of a usual workday.

When all the data is in, we report our findings through our online customer service ratings (“Handloom Authority Ratings”): ELITE; EXCELLENT; APPROVED; and NOT APPROVED. All ratings are posted on our site.


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