Sri Lanka Handloom Weavers 91.67%
20 Apr 2019

Srilanka Handloom Societies

Various Sri Lankan handloom fabric store brings you fancy and routine handloom products. If you are looking for heavily embellished fabric for weddings, Sri Lanka is worth a visit. Sri Lanka’s Handloom Textile Industry is centuries old. The industry has helped showcase the undying creativity of generations of Sri Lankans taking

ethnic wear brands in India 80%
20 Apr 2019

Nalli Silks Reviews & Ratings

This store brings you silk sarees from ALL Tamilnadu and all over the country. Here, you can find heavily embellished drapes for your special occasions and wedding ceremonies. If you are looking for sarees that are traditional and bright, you can find them here. Be it the modest taant or

thailand handloom weavers
20 Apr 2019

Thailand Handloom Societies

Here is the list of few certified handloom societies in Thailand. Just like India, Thailand still carries on a commercial production of pure handwoven fabrics (It takes many days to prepare the right fabric for you). That’s right, you can still go into commercial garment districts and buy bolts of

30 Mar 2019

Nepal Handloom Societies

Unlike the milled products, purchase of handloom fabric gives the fragmented and disorganised handloom industry the much-needed upward curve. You become a part of their growth and make their business a bit sustainable.  Of late, the prospects of the artisanal community have become a lot better with the advent of

28 Mar 2019

Shengtang Silk Co China

Shengtangsilk Co., Ltd is manufacturing and export company locating in Guangzhou, China. And we are professional in exporting kinds of silk and so on. ,including silk georgette,crepe georgette,crepe satin plain,crepe satin plain printing,Elastica crepe satin plain,satin plain gold thred,gold and silver Lametta and priting ,silk with cotton,silk with cotton priting

20 Aug 2018

Sun Silk Fabrics Bangladesh

Weaving is an old-age heritage of Bengal. The fine and varied handmade fabrics; the weaving skills of the crafts people of Bengal have marveled and drawn the attention of people around the world for centuries. Exquisite handwoven Muslin, Jamdani, raw silk as well as pure silks, a wide range of

28 Jul 2018

Bangladesh Silk R & D Board

The firm should ensure the quality of silk products according to the consumer needs and expectations so that the consumer can rely upon these products. Quality of a product is the attribute that consumers expect in a particular product. In case of silk product, these attributes may be longevity, design,

28 Mar 2018

GoCoop Handloom Reviews / Ratings / Complaints is India’s first online Global marketplace that enables Handloom and Handicraft Co-operatives and artisans in connecting directly with Buyers. Pure silk saree remains forever – And of course, not just daughters, it is going to do you a lot of good to you too. A saree, after all, isn’t

28 Mar 2017

Zhejiang Haiyan Sanhuan Spun Silk China

Reformed from Haiyan Spun Silk Mill, Haiyan Sanhuan Spun Silk Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. Located in Haiyan County of Zhejiang Province in the north of Hangzhou Bay and only 100 kilometers away from Shanghai and Hangzhou, our company enjoys advantaged geographic and economic conditions. Our company occupies an

27 Mar 2017

BharatSthali Reviews / Ratings / Complaints About Sarees

BharatSthali Sarees Reviews In the world of slide-on and move-on fashion, no wonder that a handloom saree fabric has lost its charm. It is hard to maintain and nobody simply has the time for it.  It takes weavers to at least 3-6 days to weave a cotton saree. A Kanjivaram