However, until, I saw these beautiful ladies rock six-yarders in something so easy, beautiful and classy! Their Indo-Western or fusion saree look seems to be lightweight and refreshing! Not the mention, minus the hassle of handling the endless fabric. If you struggle with the sarees like me or want to add some ethnic flair to your traditional sartorial choices, here’s how you should wear a saree so that you don’t have second thoughts about wearing it!

I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was to pin up the saree all over. Three pins on blouse, two pins on pallu and two on pleats. And even though, you have it all pinned up, you don’t know if it all set up for a sexier silhouette. So, what do you do? You pair it up with a belt! If you are used to dresses and tunic, this hack will give you a familiar feeling of a tighter mid-waist and the confidence of an erect posture as well as a better silhouette. A belt is nothing but the good ol’ kamarbandh that gives a dash of fusion to your traditional outfit and keep the pallu pleats in place. This hack comes in handy and seems Godsend when you are wearing a lighter fabric such as a bandhani, georgette or linen. 

Do those underskirts bug you? Do you get rashes every time you wear a saree? Do you find it difficult to wrap around the saree around a petticoat? Why fret, when you can wear it with a legging or a sharara! Bid farewell to the neverending woes of an underskirt and make way for a beautiful, easy and mess-free fusion saree. A mix of the feminine charm of a saree and comfort of pants! A brilliant and hassle-free way to add flair to your traditional wardrobe!

Do you find it difficult to pull off all those hooks in a blouse? Or is it too plain and old-fashioned for you? Are you heading for a party directly from work but your blouse is more like a showstopper but not work-appropriate? So, why don’t you try wearing it with a crop top or a denim jacket! This not only will help you nail the desk to dusk look but will also add some sparkle to the old saree routine.

 Blame it on my lower back pain or lack of confidence; I can’t wear heels at all. But not wearing them with a saree is a cardinal sin. Or so you may think. Heck, you can wear a saree with a pair of sneakers, sports shoes, boots or even your Kolhapuri chappal!

Saree is a wonderful outfit to own and flaunt. There is no fashion faux pas with a six-yarder as long as you are confident in pulling it off. So, mix it up with your own style and bring forth that saree swagger!